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Kearney Garage Sales

The idea for Kearney Garage Sales came after looking thru the newspaper one day and noticing how garage sales listed in the paper were prime candidates for being brought into the 21st Century in a big way.

I asked myself, why weren't these sales in a format that can be easily loaded as a listing and then made available on your smartphone for ease of locating the sale with the use of Google Maps?

That's when I set about locating the perfect solution for what I felt should be a fun experiencing of using your smartphone to see what's for sale and driving from sale to sale without the hassle of writing down addresses or taking the newspaper with you.

Kearney Garage Sales – Our Promise to You

Our promise is to help make listing, finding and driving to garage sales a more enjoyable and less of a hassle experience.  In order for us to accomplish that, we definitely encourage you to send us suggestions on how we can improve the ideas we have begun to build upon.  Thank you.


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